2014 Handling Rates
If you would like to view a full contract and/or a current show schedule, please email or call 816-560-2972.


Handling                                                           $75.00 per show

Puppy 6-12 months                                           $65.00 per show

Ringside*                                                          $90.00 per show

Ringside grooming fee*                                     $25.00 per show

Board, Care, Conditioning                                  $10.00 per day

Mileage                                                             $.20 per mile

All Expenses split between all dogs shown per show (this includes but is not limited to hotels, parking, food, reserved grooming fees, air fare, rental car, tolls, grooming supplies)

Group Shows                                                    $105.00

Independent Specialty                                       $120.00

Sweepstakes                                                    $50.00 & we retain any prize money

Nationals                                                          Available upon request

Westminster/Eukanuba                                      Available upon request


*Ringside means we meet the client at the ring and show the dog and receive payment that day for services.  If we must groom the dog we will charge an additional grooming fee of $25 per show in addition to the ringside fee.  Ringside fees are higher than regular fees due to the fact that all dogs traveling with us are charged expenses, therefore the ringside dog’s additional fees are used to offset expenses.


Bonus System:

Best In Specialty           $100.00

Best In Show                 $300.00

Group 1                        $100.00

Group 2                        $80.00

Group 3                        $65.00

Group 4                        $50.00

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